Thursday, August 23, 2012

Window Gellies

Last weekend we made window gellies - I have no idea if there is an actual name for them, lets just go with window gellies for now :) 

The Setup:
I made sensory bags using clear hair gel, a little water, and gel food coloring. Then duct taped them to the sliding glass door. We only get direct light early in the morning so I made these the night before. Ready for action as soon as Baby Rex wakes up!

Baby Rex getting his first look at the window gellies :)
BEAUTIFUL in the morning light.
I put them at different levels to encourage Z-Rex to stand & reach or sit when he was tired. He is working on standing without assistance and cruising along furniture. This was a great way to add in gross motor development to our activity.  

This was a perfect morning activity for Rex. It was exciting enough to peak his interest, but quiet enough to allow him to feel in control.


After giving him a few minutes on his own to investigate, I doodled on the window gellies. We drew letters, shapes, and a smiley face. Even though he is only 10 months old, I am always looking for ways to bridge hands on activities with academics. 
My hope is for Rex to develop a passion for learning that will carry him well beyond his finger painting years. 

I left the window gellies up for Baby Rex to come back to and explore in his own time. They are still up a week later, still intriguing  :)

Z-Rex has entered into "monkey see monkey do" phase. He quickly perfected the finger poke and doodle. 

Often throughout the week, Baby Rex has simply sat by the window gazing at the colors, deep in thought.  

Tips & Tricks:
  • Use double zipper gallon freezer bags. I only had quart :(
  • Duct tape the bag sealed before taping to window/door to help prevent leaks
  • Add glitter, beads, small toys, or foam shapes 
  • Bridge academics - draw and talk about letters, colors, shapes, etc.
  • Verbally illustrate child's actions & feelings to help build vocabulary and awareness. 
  • Let your child lead the activity, offering suggestions as he or she has a natural lull in play
  • Have fun & be creative!

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