Monday, August 13, 2012

Bubbles make it Better

Z-Rex has cut 4 teeth in the past 3 weeks, with 2 more about to poke through. As any parent knows teething babies are fine one minute and crazy the next. On one particular afternoon Rex was having one of those days. Nothing seemed to hold his interest, he was a MAJOR fuss bucket. What's a Mama to do? 
Just remember, everything is better with Bubbles :)

Filled up the play pool on the patio then cranked the bubble machine and the tunes to full blast.

Rex LOVED the massive amount of bubbles floating around. He has always enjoyed waving his hands at the bubbles. As he has gotten older I have tried to encourage him to clap his hands or use an index finger to pop bubbles.  

Bubbles are magical. They are great for children (and adults) of any age. In all of my experiences working with children, bubbles have always made a rough day better :)

Even I got a kick out of the floating bubbles.

Insider Tip:
I LOVE LOVE LOVE Gazillion brand bubble solution. I have used others but this is my all time FAVE and well worth the few extra dollars in my opinion. I came to this realization based on three important factors to me:
1. They photograph like NO other, check out all those colors in each bubble!
2. They are SUPER easy for younger kids to blow. 
3. Work great even when using homemade and other non traditional bubble blowing tools (like your hands!)

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