Monday, August 6, 2012

Sprinkle Goop Cake

Our little Baby Rex recently turned 10 moths old. To celebrate we spent a lazy Sunday afternoon playing with goop. Z-Rex really enjoyed exploring the different physical properties, incorporating tools, and just being silly!

Z-Rex was excited to explore his sprinkle goop cake.
He began by smacking the goop with an open hand then really began to dig in with his fingers. 

Daddy and Baby Rex LOVED feeling the 
goop run between their fingers. 
Z-Rex makes the FUNNIEST faces during sensory play!

Kitchen utensils make great goop tools. Our favorite was a spatzel press, the holes were the perfect size for goop to rain down. Spatulas were good for scrapping goop along the bottom of our play pool and trying to catch the goop. 

I hope Z-Rex enjoyed his 10 month birthday celebration. Mommy and Daddy did!

Tips & Tricks:

  • 2 parts corn starch + 1 part water = Goop!
  • Our play pool was perfect for containing the mess while giving Rex plenty of room to explore. You may want to use a large under the bed storage bin or play in the tub.
  • If your goop starts to dry up, just add more water for longer play.     
  • Clean up was a breeze. Everything cleaned up with water!
  • We used a few droops of gel food coloring and a jar of sprinkles.
  • Get creative!! Add different kitchen utensils, a colander, strainer, plastic baskets, play animals, etc.
  • Have fun!!


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