Monday, August 13, 2012

Jello Safari Tub

With Z-Rex teething like crazy and not feeling the greatest, napping in his crib has become a luxury for me. After a run of several bad nights in a row, Baby Rex finally slept well and took a nap in his crib to boot! I felt like a new woman, with an amazing new rush of energy. To celebrate I created a super fun sensory tub for Rex when he woke up.

I used washable Crayola paints for the grass and trees, allowing for dry time before Rex woke up. Added a few safari animals, lime flavored Jello and downloaded some fitting nature tracks to the iPod. 

This was the first time playing with our Safari Animals.
Baby Rex was very intrigued and inspected each one. 

I of course took this opportunity to work on perfecting my animal sounds. Daddy makes the best elephant sound :)

Z-Rex was fascinated by the Jello texture. He amused himself trying to pick up globs. 

I think next time I will follow the directions for Jigglers to give him a different experience. 


Baby Rex quickly went from exploring with his hands to crawling all over the tub chasing globs of Jello. 

Rex says Hi and hopes you will enjoy a Jello tub of your own soon.
  Next time I am using TWO boxes of Jello :)

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