Sunday, August 12, 2012


With Z-Rex being under house arrest, per doctors orders, we have been doing lots of sensory play activities. These help break up our day and give Rex an opportunity to explore using multiple senses. Our favorite this past week has been oatmeal. 

Just dumped a canister into our trusty play pool and we've had fun every day!

I supplied Rex with the usual assortment of measuring cups and spoons. His play pool and scoops are familiar and comforting when exploring a new play substance or texture. 

Baby Rex trying to catch the oatmeal as I rained some down for him. This was a good way to regain his focus when he seemed to be losing interest.

Z-Rex was very interested in the oatmeal canister, look at the FOCUS in his face. I love that deep contemplation as he is learning critical thinking and problem solving skills. 
Rex decided that oatmeal did NOT belong in the canister and insisted on removing every last bit.

One of my favorite things about sensory play is how the same materials are used differently each time.
Today Z-Rex was more interested in closely examining individual grains of oatmeal. 

Baby Rex adores his big yellow bowl. It is the perfect size and weight for filling and dumping :)
We use our play pool to contain messy play when it is too hot to go outside. This gives Rex plenty of room and freedom to thoroughly investigate while containing most of our mess.  Dry rice and oatmeal vacuum up really easy. We are also able to save it for playing another day.

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