Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Alphabet Boxes

I am BEYOND excited to have completed this project! It has been a work in progress for many months while I slowly gathered together the materials.  

I picked up the boxes from Ikea in the children's department. A pretty good deal, $2.99 for a 3 pack. I used a sheet of scrap book letters to label each box on both sides.Over several trips to my favorite local thrift stores, I found quite a good assortment of items for each box. I'm sure our collections will continue to grow too. 

I have included letter shaped magnets & cookie cutters, mini books, flash cards, Little people & animal figures, real life object, small toys, etc. 


 So far we have been exploring the contents of each box one at a time. 
Working on beginning sounds, tracing the shape of each letter, and general focused exploration.
My favorite part of this project is that it will grow with my child for years of learning fun. 
Meeting him exactly where he is and pushing him to reach for more.