Friday, September 14, 2012

Tub Paint

Finger painting has quickly become a favorite activity in our house. Baby Rex just can't seem to get enough. He LOVES LOVES to paint in the tub. This gives him the freedom to explore using his whole body any way he chooses. I am a fan as this keeps the mess to a minimum. 

I started out having Z-Rex sitting on a towel. I figured that this would give him a safe place to sit that wasn't so slippery. 

Baby Rex wasted no time at all diving into the paint. He was very intently studying the paintbrush bristles.

Z-Rex was all about the body paint this evening. 
I just can not get enough of those little TOES!

In theory the towel was a good idea for Rex to sit on. However it lasted about 4 minutes. He had other ideas of how bathtub painting should go...

Rex decided to was much more fun to crawl and spin all around in the tub. Every once in a while I'd add few more squirts of paint until eventually him and the tub were just completely covered.

I LOVED watching Baby Rex paint in the tub. He was clearly having the time of his life. He was babbling away and making some of the FUNNIEST faces I have ever seen.


Clean up was really, really easy. I let the water run while I scrubbed the tub with a washcloth and a dab of baby shampoo. Baby Rex LOVES running water so this was a special treat. After the tub was fairly paint free I tackled Rex, it was tub night any how.

Happy Painting!