Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Salt Dough Christmas Ornaments

What a process this has been! After trying two different ratios and a struggling with a wonky gas oven, we finally have some success! I am beyond thrilled with how they came out. 
Baby Rex's little (I mean HUGE) feet make the most adorable penguins and reindeer I've ever seen. We made some at a play date with our best bud Little Bear too. I can't wait for his mom to see them!

Recipe: 2c flour, 2c salt, 1c water
Bake at 175 for 5-6 hours
Use all purpose flour & table salt
This makes enough dough for a full cookie sheet of ornaments.
I am making a ton for a completely toddler friendly Christmas tree. 

Tips & Tricks:

  • Bake at 175 if the oven gets too hot your ornaments will start to rise and you'll lose the print impressions. 
  • Keep ornaments 1/4 inch or thicker. When you press in hands & feet it will thin out under the imprints. Too thin and their toes will come out the bottom.
  • Flour your rolling surface, rolling pin, & spatula when picking up shaped ornaments. 
  • Use a sharp knife to cut around ornaments
  • Smooth out edges before baking
  • To reuse scraps or redo an imprint, wet your hands a bit and knead dough well to start again
  • Use a straw to make holes for hanging before baking (or hot glue ribbon later)


  • Let ornaments sit for a day or two before painting
  • Use acrylic paint (I used gloss)
  • Use real brushes for a smooth finish - not your kiddos chunky one
  • Do several thin layers, allow to dry COMPLETELY in between 
  • Don't forget to seal them (I used mod podge but you can also use spray sealer or polyurethane)
  • Seal the back too

Merry Christmas!