Monday, April 1, 2013

Easter Sensory Bin

Set up was simple: shredded paper for grass, confetti, various sized plastic eggs, spring cookie cutters, and two felt baskets.

(I used paper Easter grass as it is safer for young toddler play.)

Baby Rex used his basket for collecting eggs and filling with Easter grass. Toddlers LOVE containers of any kind to make fill & spill activities!

Both boys were fascinated by pulling apart the shredded paper. 
 It is a really fun texture!

Like any typical toddler, Baby Rex believes sensory bins are more fun when you get in.

One of my favorite things about sensory play is watching the different ways in which Rex interacts with the materials. Some days he is wild and crazy, really excited, and very much a chatter box. Other days he is quiet and inquisitive, more intensely focused on the individual components.  

 Today he was all about the confetti, picking up each little piece, putting some inside the eggs, and collecting it into piles.

What we learned:
 sizes- small, medium, and large eggs
color matching and sorting
object permanence- look & find with eggs
exercised our fine motor muscles
cultural & religious traditions

Happy Easter!

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