Tuesday, April 2, 2013

GOOP Easter Eggs

Hands down, my most FAVORITE messy tub play to date!
I made several small batches of goop, each in a different color. 

You make goop by mixing cornstarch with water. I just add the water a bit at a time until it is the consistency I want. You can use food coloring, kool-aid, or frosting creations to color and scent your goop.

For our eggs I used regular food coloring and some gel dye as well. 

Filling the eggs was a bit tedious, but WELL worth the effort!

*Note* make sure your eggs do not have holes in them.

These eggs sealed quite tightly so no goop was able to leak out. 
Baby Rex was quite surprised to see what was in the eggs!

I used small, medium, and large size eggs. This added another mathematical dimension to our play as well as provided more opportunities to introduce and reinforce vocabulary words. 
(Small, medium, large, big, little, bigger than, larger than, smaller than, littler than, etc.)

 Each egg was one goop surprise after another. I think opening the eggs to see the goop drizzle out was his favorite part. Rex even started decorating himself! 

The colors mixed together


Baby Rex made a new game stacking the eggs into a tower.
Clever boy!

 After a while of playing all the colors mixed together to make PURPLE goop!
Goop is one of Rex's favorite sensory play materials, once all the eggs were open he was more than happy playing in a his big pile of goop.

What is this stuff??

Look at it. It's craaaaaazy!



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