Friday, March 15, 2013

Shamrock Hunt Sensory Bin

I set up this super simple toddler sensory bin to celebrate St. Patrick's Day.
It was a huge hit as we have played with it multiple times over the past few days. 

I used about 1/3 a roll of party streamers in rainbow colors cut into various sizes. A few really long, some about 18 inches, and a bunch of smaller squares. This provided a great opportunity for early math concept practice. We sorted sizes, matched lengths, as well as compared all the different pieces and colors.
I picked up foam and card stock shamrocks from the local party store. Again the different sizes and shades provided a fun and hands on early math lesson. Mix together well for instant fun. 

Rex quickly discovered the shamrocks and went about collecting them all.

 Rex is all about playing on the couch lately. He takes all his treasures to sit quietly and explore in detail.

And like a typical toddler insists on getting into any container he can find.

Little Bear is much more focused on the small details of sensory play, as you can see by him tearing up the streamers into small pieces.

Happy St. Patrick's Day!


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