Friday, February 8, 2013

Blue Tub Sensory Play

We have been doing lots of sensory play this winter.
Baby Rex LOVED LOVED LOVED his blue themed goop tub. Now that Rex is a bit older I am trying to link multiple learning experience together. Color themed sensory tubs are a great and easy way to accomplish this. 

I painted the tub walls with washable Crayola paint while Rex was napping.
Added an assortment of blue toys and a double box batch of blue goop. 

He was very enthralled by the goop raining down and through his fingers.

I made the goop a little thicker today than last time we played. This proved to be an excellent fine motor muscle work out. Z-Rex really had to dig his fingers in to pick up the goop or any toys. 

Z-Rex couldn't get enough goop today. He played for over an hour!

Tips & Tricks:
  • Goop is made by mixing cornstarch with water
  • Add water slowly until desired consistency
  • If goop dries out while playing, just add a bit more water
  • I used too much food coloring today, Z slightly resembled Baby Smurf after playing. A long bubble bath afterwards took care of that.

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