Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Cat in the Hat

We are really enjoying celebrating Dr. Seuss this week. Today was full of super silliness in the spirit of Cat in the Hat.
How fitting that it was a rainy day dreary day for us too.
Thing One and Thing Two knew just what to do.

As Baby Rex has gotten older I have made an effort to introduce multiple step projects to our curriculum. 
Thing One and Thing Two were a joint project. 

First Rex finger painted a big piece of paper. After it dried I cut out the body shapes for Thing One and Thing Two. When he woke up from nap we glued on the shredded paper for hair. I gave him some to play with and explore before gluing to the paper. Rex is very proud of his art work. He points to it and jabbers away every time he sees it hanging up. 

Rex is in LOVE with shaving cream play. It was pure perfection to create wild and crazy hair for Thing One and Thing Two.
I used washable paint to dye the shaving cream blue. 
You can also use food coloring. 
I painted Thing 1 and Thing 2 on the tub walls with washable paint during nap time. 

Just like The Cat in the Hat we tried to stack and balance plates, cups, and bowls. This is an activity we will be repeating again soon. Stacking the odd shaped items and attempting to carry them while balancing is a GREAT skill building exercise for toddlers and preschoolers.

Little Bear came over to play today so we took this opportunity to make a keepsake project. They are the best of friends, I want to preserve these memories for years to come. Baby Rex lovee seeing his hand prints and picture apart of his art project. 

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