Friday, February 8, 2013

Orange Tub Sensory Play

Color themed tub play is quickly becoming a staple in our house.
Set up and clean up are a snap. Baby Rex always has a ton of fun and it is a surefire way to beat the winter boredom blues.

I follow the box directions for jigglers so the jello would be a nice consistency for play.
Rex was excited to squish, smash, and stack bits of jello.

I used washable paint to decorate the tub walls and provided and assortment of different orange objects & toys. 
Tigers, blocks, a plate & a bowl. 

 Inspector Rex reporting for duty. After the initial excitement wore off a bit, he became very serious about inspecting each individual element in his orange environment.

As he naturally starts winding down, just add water for easy clean up
and to add a whole new
dimension to the play.

Color tubs are an easy and fun way to bridge academics with sensory play experience. We've worked our way through the rainbow with different magic mixtures and messy play. Introducing a new play material in a familiar environment has also helped Baby Rex feel confident to explore and experiment. 

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