Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Valentine's Tubby Time

I wanted to do something special on Valentine's Day for Baby Rex. We've been playing with conversation hearts, making crafts, and all things heart themed all week. It was time to just be silly and have some fun.
I painted the tub with washable paint while Baby Rex was napping. I used a heart shape cookie cutter to stamp the hearts on, it was an easy and fast way to decorate. By the time he woke up everything was dry and ready to go. I made jello hearts following the jigglers recipe on the box using the same heart cookie cutter to make the shapes. Next I added his heart shaped measuring scoops and a bag of conversation hearts. He is super excited to play.

  The jello hearts made for an interesting texture to squish with his hands and toes.
Since Baby Rex is only 16 months old I kept all his play material edible just to be on the safe side. As always the rule is 'no mouth' and he is really good about keeping things out of his mouth since we've always done lots of different sensory play. 

The conversation hearts were a great addition that provided many teachable moments. 
We identified and sorted colors and practiced counting. He really liked it when I stacked a few up for him to knock down again and again. 

 This is my FAVORITE picture from today. One of the reasons I love sensory play so much is the goofy grins, silly faces, and endless giggles on my son's face. These are the moments I cherish. 

 As Baby Rex was winding down, I turned on the water to add a new dimension to his play. 
The jello hearts quickly melted while the conversation hearts took a bit longer to dissolve. Baby Rex enjoyed splashing, scooping, and pouring the red cherry scented water.
When he was done playing I just turned on the shower to give Baby Rex and the tub a good rinse.Now we are all set for our next tubby time adventure.

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